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Our 24/7 Dispatchers Will Help To Determine What You Need ?

We're Here To Help Get You Back On The Road Fast ! 

At HURT Roadside Assistance, we understand the frustration that often comes when your vehicle breaks down

and is no longer mobile for a multitude of reasons not caused by and unknown to the driver of that vehicle.

Call Us first and consult with one of our experienced and knowledgeable dispatchers so that they can quickly create

an affordable plan of action utilizing the skills of our emergency roadside technicians who will assist you in an attempt to

getting you, your vehicle and passengers back on the road fast. We are here to help....... 24/7 !!!


•   Blown Out Tires
•   Nail in Tires
•   Smooth Tires
•   Worn Out Treads
•   Broken Steel Radials
•   Tire Inflate Cans
•   Dry Rotted Tires
•   Hit The Curb
•   Debris On Freeway
•   Manufacture Defect Tires
•   Slow Air Leak
•   Invisible Pin Hole
•   Slashed Tires


•   Dead Battery
•   Dome Light Left On
•   Head Lights Left On
•   Radio Left On
•   Electrical Power Surge
•   Alternator Malfunction
•   Extreme Cold Weather
•   Bad Battery Terminals
•   No Jumper Cables
•   Don't Know How To Start
•   Broken Timing Belt
•   Faulty Vehicle Wiring
•   Bad Ignition Switch


•   Accidental Door Closure
•   Keys In Purse
•   Defective Door Handles
•   Engine Running
•   Unknown Key Location
•   Automatic Door Locks
•   No Backup Key Set
•   Auto Key Sensor Malfunction
•   Lost Keys
•   Temporarily Misplaced Keys
•   Keys Locked In Trunk
•   In A Rush - Exterior Rain
•   Stolen Vehicle Keys


•   Semi Trailer Wheel Replacement
•   Car Keys Made - Certified Locksmith
•   Semi Mobile Mechanic Repair
•   Flatbed Towing Services
•   Wheel Lift Towing Services (Dollies)
•   RV Engine & Body Repair
•   Motor Coach Tire Repair & Replacement
•   Semi Tractor Trailer Towing Services
•   Automobile Engine Repair
•   Dealership Auto Repair
•   Insurance Covered Auto Repair Jobs
•   Pickup Trucks with Wheel Lock Lowering
•   Secondary Towing Services


•   Broken Fuel Gauge
•   Defective Fuel Sensor
•   Ran Out of Cash
•   Purse or Wallet At Home
•   Misjudged Remaining Fuel
•   Gas Station Rip Off
•   Long Distance Trips
•   Bad Rent-A-Car Contract
•   Can't Locate A Gas Station
•   Bad Economy - Low Income
•   Urgent Meeting - No Time
•   Simply Want Extra Fuel
•   Hard To Remove Fuel Cap


•   Engine Malfunction
•   Alternator Malfunction
•   Radiator Overheated
•   Engine Oil Drained
•   Automobile Accident
•   No Insurance
•   Broken Windshield
•   Bad Battery - Can't Be Charged
•   Transmission Malfunction
•   Computer Malfunction - Bad ECU
•   Broken Timing Belt
•   Faulty Vehicle Wiring
•   Bad Ignition Switch

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